About us

This website is owed and managed by Sacha Packer (NSW).

The aim of this website and our Facebook group is to create a Network for Great Dane Rescue Co-ordinators Australia wide to be able to promote dogs they are currently assisting.

Rescue Angels

There are many Angels in the Rescue world, one of them was June Hayles from Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming QLD. Sadly June passed away in March 2012.

June has left extremely big shoes to fill as she was involved in Rescue for a number of decades and rescued and rehomed an untold amount of Great Danes even as far away as Japan.

June was my friend and my Mentor and I look forward to carrying on promoting Great Dane Rescue with a large focus on education just the way June would have wanted.

June believed in educating the general public about what to look for in a Great Dane Breeder so they could avoid the common pit falls. June also believed in providing help and behavioural support not only post adoption but beforehand in an attempt to help the dog stay with its current family and not have to be rehomed.

These are just some of the focuses we will continue on with and we hope we can somewhat fill those very large shoes she left behind.