Great Danes looking for new homes

Some of the Great Danes listed on this page are still living with their owners, this is called a Private Adoption.

Adoption fees: Most Great Danes have an adoption fee around $350.00 unless otherwise advised.

De-sexed: Dogs listed are de-sexed or will be. Breeders and hunters need not apply.

Interstate Adoption: May be possible, please contact Carer/Owner to discuss further. Transport costs are the new owners expense.

Dogs listed on the below feed are generally dogs in the care of Great Dane Rescue's throughout Australia, please visit our Facebook Group page to see many other Dane's and Dane x's listed by their owners and all breed rescue groups.

Breeder Rehomings

From time to time Breeders may have dogs they wish to rehome, please click here to see the current listings.

Buying a Puppy

Puppies don't come up a lot in Rescue & Rehoming, so if you're looking for a Puppy, please consider purchasing from a registered and ethical breeder. We have put together a Guide to help you avoid the common pit falls, click here. To see which Registered Breeders currently have litters (Please use the puppy buyers guide to help you select a breeder), click here. Great Dane puppies generally range in price from $1,500 for Merles and mis-marks through to $2,500+ for recognised colours.