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Great Dane Owners Guide

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0Buying a Great Dane Puppy information pack 0



Purchasing / Adoptions

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Buying a Great Dane Puppy information pack
Why to avoid Backyard Breeders
Adopting a Great Dane to live with a Cat
Bringing home your new Great Dane for the first time
"But I just want a pet, I don't want a show dog" - information on understanding the
Potential Home Questionnaire (When applying to adopt a GDRR NSW Dog)


Training & enjoying your Dane

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Behaviourist Reccomendations
Behavioural Development Stages of Puppies - Adults
NILIF Program - Sorting out Naughty Dogs
Seperation Anxiety & Seperation training
How to conduct a success meet and greet with a potential new dog family member
*Video* Conditioning a dog not to jump on people and kids in excitment
*Video* Conditioning a dog to collar handling & dealing with
mouthing / tantrums
*Video* How to stop your Dane mouthing you.
*Video* How to stop dogs barking in a car
Adopting a Dane to live with a Cat
Toilet Training
Getting Puppy used to its collar and lead
Teaching your dog how to walk politely on a lead with positive reinforcement
Teaching your dog how to walk politely on a lead with different methods
Safely socialising your dog with other dogs & environments
Dealing with food and toy aggression
Managing Counter Surfing (stealing from kitchen benches)
Teaching basic obedience & manners
Teach your dog not to snatch and grab at food
Teach your dog how to accept physical handling
How to be your dogs Leader
Stop your dog jumping on people
Stop your puppy biting people
Managing Digging
Managing Escaping
Working through Separation Anxiety and separation behaviours
Working through Separation Anxiety and separation behaviours (Alternative method)
How to provide enrichment to home alone dogs
The correct way for dogs to meet each other
Understanding dogs expressions and positions
How NOT to greet a dog
Understanding Dog Body Language
Understanding Dog Body Language of Fear and Anxiety
Understanding the differences of body lanaguge: Happy vs Anxiety
How to get your dog used to scary things
Space Etiquette for dogs - Are you and your dog being rude?
Playing with your dog strengthens the bond and relatonship
Prevent your dog from being annoying & harrassing
What is Positive Reinforcement Training?
Clicker Training
The importance of play
Using the 'Thundershirt' to calm dogs scared of storms, dogs who are nervy or highly
strung and overexcited.
sTitle - Other Training Topics
1The Premack Training Principal
1Understanding Operant Conditioning Training
1The A-B-C of Operant Conditioning Training
Understanding the difference between Moulding / Luring / Capturing training
RALLY O Information
Score Sheets
PowerPoint Presentations



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sThe cost of whelping and raising a litter
sMeet other Australian Great Dane Owners online