NSW Great Dane Rescue & Friends

Sorry NSW Great Dane Rescue is now no longer operating, please contact QLD or VIC rescue groups for help

Most Great Danes can be assisted into new homes without them having to come into foster care. It's impotrant that you give at least 1 month to find your dog a home, do not leave it until the last minute as we may not have an available carer. If you decide to surrender your dog to a pound we ask that you seek out an Animal Welfare League (AWL), please do not surrender your dog to the RSPCA as Danes often do not pass their temperament tests. Please do not surrender your dog to a pound, Danes are very sensative creatures and can often bloat and then die in such situations, in addition it is not fair for your dog to be euthanised by strangers - your dog is your responsiblity.

If your dog is not safe with people and other dogs we are unable to take your dog or promote it. You need to seriously consider whether a giant breed dog of such temperament should be rehomed.

How to re-home your dog
1) Contact your Dogs Breeder and ask them if they can take the dog back.

2) Ensure your dog is desexed before re-homing to prevent it from ending up with someone who will use it as a breeding machine. Many dodgy unregistered breeders will appear as loving families to try and get hold of undesexed dogs.

3) If your dog is not desexed and you cannot afford to do so then charge an adoption fee of what it will cost to desex your dog and when the person adopts your dog they can pick it up from the Vet on the day and pay the Vet for the desexing.

4) Do not rehome your dog if it is aggressive, this is a legal liablity and irresponsible. Consider whether euthanasia is a more reponsible option. Contact a Behaviourist and speak with them.

5) Be very careful surrendering a dog with behavioural problems to the RSPCA as they will most likely not pass the temperament testing and be euthanised.

6) Avoid re-homing a dog with a life long medical condition unless you know a new owner will be happy to maintain the dog and be able to afford to - some people commit to things on emotion rather than using logic.

7) Do not take your Dane to a Pound, it will likely end up being euthanised or adopted by an unsuitable family who do not know what they're getting themselves into or someone who will use the dog in hunting.

8) Contact a Rescue Shelter such as the AWL or BDR

9) If you can keep your dog with you whilst it waits for a new home please contact us on and we will send you a questionnaire to complete and then if the dog is considered suitable for rehoming we will promote the dog through our Networks.

10) Avoid advertising your dog as Free to Good Home - even if you are desperate. Ask for at least $100.00, if someone can't afford $100 then they can't afford to care for a Great Dane. The Average adoption fee is $350.00 for a dog with all vet work done.

11) Do not leave finding a new home for you dog until the last minute - you should allow at least 2-4 weeks to find your dog a new home.