VIC Great Dane Rescue

Kim Ward
Rescue Co-ordinator

Yvonne Dunbar
Rescue Co-ordinator

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Great Dane Rescue Victoria is a private rescue group who provides foster care, where possible, for Great Danes needing new homes, prior to sending them to their new homes. We also assist with the private rehoming of Danes in Victoria. If you have a Great Dane you wish to rehome, please contact us via email, we can send out a rehoming questionnaire and once returned, we can promote the Dane through our Facebook Group

Financial Contributions

We greatly appreciate any financial contribution, no matter how small, they all add up! Please note our organisation does not have NFP Status and therefore cannot give you a tax receipt to claim on your tax return. We are currently setting up our NFP status and will let everyone know when we are able to give a tax receipt.

Account details
BSB: 033636
Account No. 361566
Great Dane Rescue Victoria